Saturday, November 3, 2012

Trusting God with your Future - Part 2

It gets really hard to trust God with your future when at best, it seems dismal. When you look at what life will be with your current circumstances, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep walking in faith. You almost begin to lose hope, get cynical and maybe even turn your back on God but trust me, that's the time when you need to trust Him even more.

See, through the years that I've been a Christian, I've learnt something very important. It's when we feel most alone, or even deserted, those are the moments when God is working on us the hardest.

With the kinds of futures that God has promised us, we can't go in with the bad habits of the past. If we did, we'd make the same mistakes of our past. Sometimes, our cleansing requires isolation. Sometimes, it requires that we be stripped of the things that we love most. Sometimes it requires that we simply learn to listen. Other times, it requires that our trust and faith be built. God ALWAYS knows which path will be best for us. ALWAYS. And in the moments when we feel the most despair, our breakthrough is usually just around the corner.

I've recently been going through what I call a midnight period. All around me, everything seems so dark. I've been thrust into isolation and I feel like I've been stripped. Trust me, it is SO HARD to trust God in moments like that. When I wrote "Trusting God with your Future" part one, I made a special effort to start telling God daily, in spite of my struggles, that I'd still trust Him with my future. Sometimes, it got pretty hard to say those words;, the sceptic in my head would try to scream "What kind of loving God would put you through all this?" But, deep in my heart, I KNOW that I can trust God with my future. I mean, who else am I going to trust with it? Myself? Seriously? I think not. My track record proves that all I can do on my own is mess up my life. I'd rather leave it in the hands of One who I know to be capable. Wouldn't you agree?

I'll be honest, sometimes it's just pretty darn hard to trust God, especially when He's not telling you why He's doing what He's doing. But I encourage you, no I implore you, please, now is not the time to stop trusting Him. His promises ALWAYS stand. If you keep your end of the bargain, He WILL come through for you. Though your life may seem as dark as night right now, know that morning ALWAYS comes and with the morning, comes unspeakable joy. Your circumstances will make you stronger, and with each new test of your strength, you'll build great spiritual muscle and one day, you'll look back at this period and wonder what all the fuss was about.

Trust God with your future, even when it's dark outside!

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